5 years of living in Seattle

To mark my more than two years birthday of living in the city of Seattle, Washington, I wanted to write a little “love letter” of sorts! There are so several ways that Seattle has nourished my soul and made me a better person, I wanted to write a blog about it, and i suppose this is actually corny, but when I first moved here I was spinning out of a wicked breakup and my life was in shambles. Thanks to the amazing city of Seattle I started to reuse much more hastily than expected… First of all, the people I was with and I have to mention the locally grown cannabis of Seattle. For a city so heavily based in high technology, Seattle has the old-university methods of growing cannabis down to a science, however cannabis products are also widely available through the entire Seattle area, at dozens of odd shops and dispensaries, which makes them actually convenient to find. There is more to Seattle than just the weed, of course. The majestic landscapes that surround the city of Seattle are nothing short of breathtaking, even after more than two years I hate to miss a sunset! I am also deeply indebted to the rock n roll scene in Seattle, because every single night of the year I can find a great live show or concert to attend! Seattle is a beacon for aspiring rock n rollians, and I have enjoyed countless mornings under the stars listening to local performers. The sunsets and the concerts are both greatly enhanced by locally grown and sourced Seattle cannabis. It’s been a great more than two years, and I look forward to thirty more!



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