A different stay in a notorious Portland hotel

Ever since coming to Portland I have felt so welcome, i’m still getting used to it, because this is my first time in a town this large. I am a country boy, living way out in the wild forests of Oregon, and have never had a chance to try the town on for size, then however I won a contest that came with a different however amazing prize, so now I have a hotel room outside of Portland where I will be staying for the next three weeks, and the people are fantastic here, and I have to say that the cannabis in Portland is just as fantastic as its reputation. To celebrate the release of a low budget horror film set in a famous Portland hotel which is alleged to be haunted, they are having me stay in the actual hotel. This is a marketing ploy for the producers, to drum up interest around Portland and also to sell tickets for the Ghost Tour they offer in the hotel, and a decade ago the basement of the hotel was apartment to a notorious Portland cannabis trafficker, and during a shootout with the cops a fire was started, and the trafficker died. The hotel itself was fine, and continued to be open for business, however it developed a reputation in Portland for being haunted. I have a free hotel room here for three weeks, as the camera crew will film me here and around numerous locales in Portland to see if I easily see any ghosts. I don’t suppose in ghosts, I’m just here for the cannabis.



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