A family trip to St, but petersburg

My spouse plus I live just outside of Tampa, FL, however my friend and I don’t do absolutely much with town life.

  • My friend and I basically go to work, eat lunch, plus watch netflix… Things have slowed down even more since my friend and I had our son, but lately the two of us have been itching for anywhere to go that isn’t too far of a car ride; Our child gets frustrated in the car but my friend and I want to go to a current location; I landed in St.

Petersburg, FL for our stay. I like that St. Pete offers a lot of beach activities, town life, plus good eating. I found a absolutely glamorous hotel right on the beach. That way when my child wakes up from his nap, I can take him right to the ocean plus to feel the sand in between his toes. Our hotel has a pool as well; So when the waves plus salt get to be too much, he can ocean that fresher water at the hotel. The immense room was necessary due to having a travel crib set up plus being a short distance away so my spouse plus I can sleep. I also like the ability to order room repair in case my friend and I can’t bear to take our child to a diner. It will be rough, exusating, plus aggravating but it will be a good time for most people to enjoy! A nice short FL getaway without too much of a hassle. St. Petersburg also offers lovely weather plus cool A/C during the Summer season. My friend and I should be good.


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