A family trip to St, then petersburg

My spouse and I live just outside of Tampa, Florida; My friend and I don’t do actually much with city life.

My friend and I basically go to work, eat dinner, and watch netflix; Things have slowed down even more since my friend and I had our son, but lately the two of us have been itching for anywhere to go that isn’t too far of a motorcar ride! Our kid gets anxious in the motorcar but my friend and I want to go to a new location! I landed in St.

Petersburg, Florida for our stay. I like that St. Pete offers a lot of beach activities, city life, and great eating. I found a actually glamorous hotel right on the beach. That way when my kid wakes up from her nap, I can take him right to the ocean and to feel the sand in between her toes. Our hotel has a pool as well, so when the waves and salt get to be too much, she can ocean that fresher water at the hotel. The large room was necessary due to having a travel crib set up and being a short distance away so my spouse and I can sleep. I also like the ability to order room repair in case my friend and I can’t bear to take our kid to a restaurant. It will be rough, exusating, and aggravating but it will be a great time for almost everyone to enjoy, and a nice short Florida getaway without too much of a hassle. St. Petersburg also offers appealing weather and cool A/C while in the summer time season. My friend and I should be good.

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