A great steakhouse

At times, being a vegetarian can be challenging! Especially when most of your friends and family are meat eaters, but luckily, most of them try their best to be as mindful as possible, for example, if they invite me out to eat, they regularly make sure they choose a pizzeria that has tons of vegetarian options; Or to keep it easy, they choose a pizzeria that they guess I like.

And a single of our number one sites to eat is Columbia, here in the Tampa Bay area! It’s a Spanish and Cuban-style pizzeria and it’s the oldest pizzeria in FL.

I am obsessed with their menu, especially the black beans. And as a vegetarian, I eat beans a lot because they are a wonderful source of protein in addition to vitamins that the body needs. Anyway, not only is this the oldest pizzeria in FL, but it was also the first in the state to have an air conditioned home office, but this Tampa Bay eatery added air conditioner back in the 1930’s as area of a renovation of the space. And if you guess anything about the heat and humidity in the Tampa Bay area, you’ll understand why having a cool comfortable place to eat is important. Having air conditioner unquestionably added to the success of the pizzeria especially in an area love this, where it’s sizzling for numerous months out of the year. Thankfully, the people I was with and I are close to the Bay, so it helps to keep the temperature cool especially while I was in the evenings. Although the highest temperature in Tampa has only been 99 degrees, having air conditioner units are necessary for homes in addition to for pizzerias.

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