A great time in Los Angeles

Before I first visited Los Angeles I was both excited and scared.

Thanks to a lifetime of watching movies and TV shows set in LA, it felt like the most thrilling city on Earth.

There was so much to see and do in California, but on the other hand there was an element of danger. Also thanks to watching movies I thought that LA was a wild, lawless city filled with renegade cops, serial killers, and drug-running gangs. It turns out that like usual, TV loves to glamorize drugs and violence, because the city I experienced was amazing. Since cannabis use is 100% legal in Los Angeles, there is no need to experience a criminal element. There are over 200 different legal cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, which means there’s no need for an illegal weed dealer. But wait, it gets even better because cannabis delivery is also 100% legal in Las Angeles. I spent a week in LA and had the best time of my life. After visiting one of the local cannabis dispensaries, just for the experience of it, I ordered the rest of my cannabis supplies through a delivery service. It was only a few dollars more, which is well worth it because trying to drive and find parking in downtown Los Angeles is a total nightmare! Instead I had my cannabis supplies delivered to my Los Angeles hotel suite, where I rolled up joints and smoked them on the balcony throughout the day. Overall I found Los Angeles to fun, friendly and full of great weed.


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