A little cannabis dispensary just outside of Las Vegas

Right now I toil the graveyard shift at a cannabis dispensary just outside of the city, but one afternoon I plan to be a film supervisor! I have written various scripts, even though I just don’t have the funds or the resources to shoot them as films, working the overnight shift often gives me a great deal of down time, which is why I do so much writing, however, a neighbor gave me a great idea to step things up a bit, & shoot footage in the dispensary late at night.

In other places the cannabis dispensaries close for the night, but this is Las Vegas, so my pal and I need to be open & ready for action 24 hours a afternoon, and you might remember a little film called Clerks, made by a guy named Kevin Smith for almost nothing! My idea was to steal his idea & shoot a riff on Clerks set in my own Las Vegas cannabis dispensary, but clerks was set in a real-life convenience store in NJ, so a cannabis shop in Las Vegas was odd enough, right? Mostly I just shot footage of myself & my friend, but when my pal and I had a cannabis client come in I would keep the camera rolling, but the people of Las Vegas are honestly laid back, & most of us are used to being recorded.

It’s strenuous to go ten feet in Las Vegas without seeing a security camera of a tourist filming on their iPhone. If I do this long enough, I may have enough footage for a short film. Look out, Las Vegas!


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