A tiny cannabis dispensary just outside of Las Vegas

Right now I labor the graveyard shift at a cannabis dispensary just outside of the city, however one day I plan to be a movie employer, and i have written numerous scripts, even though I just don’t have the funds or the resources to shoot them as movies; Working the overnight shift often gives me a great deal of down time, which is why I do so much writing, and however, a friend gave me a great idea to step things up a bit, plus shoot footage in the dispensary late at night.

In other venues the cannabis dispensaries close for the night, however this is Las Vegas, so we need to be open plus ready for action 24 hours a day, however you might remember a little movie called Clerks, made by a woman named Kevin Smith for almost nothing, but my idea was to steal her idea plus shoot a riff on Clerks set in my own Las Vegas cannabis dispensary, however clerks was set in a real-life convenience store in NJ, so a cannabis shop in Las Vegas was weird enough, right? Mostly I just shot footage of myself plus my friend, however when we had a cannabis client come in I would keep the camera rolling, the people of Las Vegas are genuinely laid back, plus most of us are used to being recorded.

It’s difficult to go ten feet in Las Vegas without seeing a security camera of a tourist movieing on their iPhone. If I do this long enough, I may have enough footage for a short movie, then look out, Las Vegas!

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