A trip to the Grand Canyon

I have made it my mission to see all the natural wonders in the world.

Great Barrier Reef, Aurora Borealis, you name it.

Every year I pick one and decide I am going to take that down. This year I figure I will take it easy. After going to Guanabara Bay in Brazil, I figured I earned doing the Grand Canyon. I decided that I was going to base out of Phoenix, Arizona and drive to the Grand Canyon. I read online that if you were willing to hike down it, you could also camp there. So I wanted the full experience. I bought a whole bunch of camping gear since I knew the nights would get cold. I got a tent, sleeping bag, tons of food, firestarter, thermal gear, and all sorts of fun stuff. I ended up doing the trip with my younger sister. The two of us had a blast not only seeing the Grand Canyon, but hiking and camping out. After the trip we spent some time in Phoenix which was fun. I like to go to new places. That city has just about anything you could possibly want to do. We decided to just pamper ourselves though. We got a very nice hotel room, booked a massage, and ate at one of the local joints. It was one of my favorite trips I have done so far. I really enjoyed that I could easily hop on a plane and come back here again if I so wanted to.


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