Able to have a heat pump in Alabama

I have lived in Alabama all my life.

I have bumped around from city to city though trying to put down roots. The main concern was my place of work. I finally found my dream job in Tuscaloosa, AL and decided to stay there. It isn’t a very known location in Alabama. It isn’t known for a whole lot either. There is good BBQ, some hiking, and a few theaters. That is about it though. Nobody is going to be booking a boy’s trip or a mini vacation to Tuscaloosa. That is fine by me though. I like that I get a rural, small town feel with all the accommodations of a big city. I also enjoy the fact that I get four distinct seasons. I get to have a nice, warm summer season and experience a colder winter. I get changing leaves and blooming flowers. Everything is all set up for a year around paradise. Due to the weather being constantly ever changing, I have to own both heating and cooling for my Alabama home. That works out just fine for me. Since the temperatures rarely drop below freezing, I can get by with a ductless heat pump system. The heat pump is a two for one system that moves existing heat energy from outside to inside the house or the reverse for a cooling effect. It is a greener, cheaper and fresher way to provide whole home temperature control. I love that I can have clean indoor air quality without paying top dollar for it.

electric heating in Tuscaloosa Alabama