Adding a snowmelt system to our driveway

The snow in Minneapolis, Minnesota is just awful.

It comes down in feet rather than inches.

The ice follows and this makes it a really hard thing to leave the house. I hate that I need to shovel, scrap and preheat my car only to go to the store down the road. Then after shopping for an hour, I need to repeat it again. Isn’t that awful? I invested in a snowblower and automatica car start. It helped but not a lot. I finally started asking my heating dealer in MN about what to do. I own a boiler system and was able to hook piping up to it. The piping then heats the blacktop over the winter and melts the snow. Since my car is sitting on top of a heater, the ice melts off of it. No more shoveling, no more scrapping and no more cold cars. I loved that my home heating equipment in Minnesota got the job done. It was so easy to have a heating dealer in MN do all the work. The guy had it up and running within a single business day. Since the winters in Minneapolis are so long and brutal, it was really nice having an added protection to the cold. The investment quickly paid back for itself. I also believe that having a snowmelt system additionally added value onto my home. Who wouldn’t want to own a home in Minneapolis, Minnesota that owned a snowmelt system? It is a better addition than a pool when you consider our local weather.

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