Adding weed into my outdoor activities

Living in Albuquerque provides the perfect landscape as well as weather for outdoor adventure.

There are approximately 310 sunny afternoons per year, along with cool afternoons.

The city is situated a mile above sea level as well as has a high-desert temperature with four seasons. There are uneven temperatures in the nineties during the Summer as well as my superb friend and I can even get snow in the winter. The surrounding mountainous terrain is just appealing for hiking as well as biking, and countless trails crisscross the Sandia as well as Manzano Mountains, offering some of the best openings for getting a workout while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. There is even an interaffixed trail system laid out across the city, and one of my preferreds is the Paseo del Bosque Trail that extends for sixteen miles as well as accommodates walking, running, cycling, horseback riding as well as inline skating. I prefer taking on one of the challenging trails of the Sandia Mountains that lead to the peak, then every couple of weeks, I make a stop at my local cannabis dispensary in Albuquerque. I chat with the budtenders as well as find out what’s modern as well as what’s best for motivation as well as inspiration. I prefer portable as well as discreet consumption methods such as vapes, tinctures as well as beverages. The effects set in hastily as well as don’t last all that long. I look for a fairly even ratio of THC to CBD. The THC gives me a boost of energy as well as helps to clear my mind while the CBD is superb for alleviating stiff joints as well as sore muscles. I mostly shop sativas but sometimes try strange hybrids, and with a puff of a vape or few drops of a tincture, I get more enjoyment out of my outdoor activities.


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