After the airport, we went to the cheapest dispensary

My best friend and I left the city and we went to visit with some friends for a couple of days.

Before we left Los Angeles on the airplane, we got rid of all our recreational marijuana supplies.

Jack and I wanted to make sure we would have plenty of marijuana products to smoke before we got on the airplane. We had the Uber driver take us to LAX 3 hours early. We had to throw away two joints in a garbage can. I would have preferred to give them to a homeless guy standing outside of the airport, but I did not see anyone. We were gone for 3 days. We went fishing with some friends. We didn’t have any recreational marijuana supplies while we were gone. We were visiting a state that does not have legal recreational or medical marijuana sales. As soon as Jack and I got back to Los Angeles, we were ready to go to the dispensary to buy supplies. I told Jack to look for the cheapest marijuana dispensary close to Los Angeles and the airport. We found a place a couple of blocks away from the airport that had really good prices on marijuana flour and pre-rolls. Jack picked out a couple of pre-rolls and I picked out some different disposable marijuana vape pens. We smoked for almost an hour before we actually contacted Uber to come pick us up. We knew that we weren’t going to be able to smoke marijuana on the 45 minute ride back to our home, so we wanted to get high before we left LA.


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