Air purifier necessary for long winters in MN

I live in Minneapolis, MN and the winter season is long and brutal.

  • The start of fall and all the way until the end of spring my heating system is on.

The summer season is so pitiful that I don’t even bother with an air conditioner. I actually use that as a time to peon my windows and get a fresh breeze in. Having a heating system on and criculing over and over is bad for indoor air quality. There isn’t much I can do, or so I thought. I then noticed there are indoor air quality products meant for those who have long, harsh winter times like us. There are air purification plants that install right into the heating equipment. As the furnace or central heater turns on, the air purifier gets to work. Some models are said to remove 99% of dust and debris particles from the air. They strive to rid the house air of dirt, pet dander, pollen, and dust. They also eliminate odors as well. An air purifier isn’t that expensive upfront. Most people shy away due to the maintenance requirements. A purification plan is like having another HVAC device. You need to regularly change air filters on it and have seasonal maintenance to ensure it operates well. So overtime the cost of this unit is quite expensive. Can you really put a price on your health though? Eliminating the dirt from your air quality is pretty pinpoint. So spending a lot on it makes sense. It really makes a difference to how you feel at the end of a winter.

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