Alsip doesn't have many HVAC suppliers

A couple of years ago, my wife and I bought a house outside of Chicago in a small town called Alsip.

My mom and dad found us a house in Alsip.

The three bedroom and two bath house was a foreclosure and it was priced to sell. Unfortunately, Alsip doesn’t have a lot of HVAC providers. I had to keep my job in the city of Chicago and commute for the first six months that we were living in Alsip. One day during the winter season, I was off and the furnace broke down. I fixed the problem on my own, but it made me realize that there really weren’t any people to call in an emergency. That’s when I decided to start my own business. Since I’ll sip doesn’t have many HVAC suppliers, I thought a business could do very well in the area. My wife’s mom and dad agreed to help me finance a new business. They gave me a small loan so I could get started. My goal is to become the primary service provider for all of the residents in town. I will also be offering commercial services at the beginning of the next year. Right now it’s just me and one additional employee. I can’t afford to hire more employees to work with me full-time, so myself and the one technician take care of all of the jobs. I pay my technician very well. The guy has a huge amount of responsibility and I want to make sure that he feels appreciated for all of his hard work.

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