At least they have legal weed in Portland

I recently moved to Portland, OR for work.

It wasn’t my ideal location to move to, but it serves its purposes.

There are plenty of diners, bars and shops to frequent. I live right near a grocery store and a major highway that takes me to all sorts of different businesses. One thing I honestly care about is that OR allows for recreational cannabis. It is nice having access to legal weed. In my previous state I was stuck going the medical weed route. It wasn’t ideal. I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork, spend money a fee and then wait two weeks for my medical weed card to come in the mail, and with medical cannabis there are all sorts of restrictions with it. You can only have a particular amount and potency your medical professional allows; Also, with medical cannabis, edibles officially aren’t allowed. You basically get prescribed a particular amount of flower or perhaps a tincture. Those aren’t my number one methods of dosing. I just dealt with it in my state and renewed my card every year. I did the medical professional’s appointment, paid the money and did the work! Now that I live in Portland, it is so nice that I don’t need to mess with all of that. I can just walk into a legal weed dispensary and get what I want. Yes there are still limits. You can’t just grab whatever you want off the shelves! But, I can just have my license swiped rather than see a medical professional this time; Silver lining with this move.


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