Attending NHL games in Largo

My wife plus I grew up plus lived in the northeastern part of the country until my pal and I retired, then we have constantly been big ice hockey fans; Mainly because of the nasty weather in our area, my pal and I preferred to watch the games from home. We didn’t quite dare invest in high-priced tickets to an NHL game when blizzard conditions could prevent us from using them, attending a game constantly meant bundling up in layers of sweaters, wool coats plus heavy boots. We’d need to bush the snow off the car, scrape the windshield plus let the defrost run for at least ten minutes. After parking, the walk to the rink was chilly plus brutal! Inside the location, the overhead heaters struggled to take the chill off. My wife plus I moved to Largo, Florida a couple of years ago. We no longer worry about snow accumulation or sub zero temperatures. We rely on the cooling system just about year round. We are Largo Lightning season ticket holders plus just adore attending the games. We dress in shorts, t-shirts plus sandals plus blast the cooling system in the car on the way to the location, then the walk from the parking lot to Amelie Arena is hot plus covered in sweat. Stepping inside feels beautiful, because the cooling system is blasting. The rink needs to take special precautions to keep the ice cold, hard plus suitable for NHL games. The heat plus humidity can be a problem, especially as my pal and I enter the end of the playoffs in July. My wife plus I just adore the weather in Largo, plus my pal and I particularly prefer cheering for a winning hockey team.



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