Being conscientious about AC upkeep

He cleans the coils, condensate drain, condensate pan and all of the integral components.

I typically start up my air conditioner sometime during the month of April. It then runs just about constantly until the end of October. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, temperatures in the high eighties and mid nineties are the norm. We experience extremely long, hot and humid summer seasons. An air conditioner malfunction is very disruptive and inconvenient. Going without a cooling system is brutal. The house heats up very quickly, and the moisture can lead to issues with mold, mildew and other contaminants. In an effort to avoid the expense and aggravation of an air conditioner repair, I take very good care of the system. I change the air filter every month. I’ve set an alarm on my phone that reminds me. Plus, my smart thermostat emails me reminders to schedule maintenance. I use the same company that installed the air conditioner for my seasonal services. They are a local Tuscaloosa HVAC company with a very good reputation and track record. I arrange for an air conditioner tune-up in the early spring, prior to starting up the system for the first time. A NATE-certified, EPA-certified, licensed technician comes to the house and handles the upkeep for both the indoor and outdoor unit. He performs a thorough diagnostic testing, tightens electrical wires, tests refrigerant charge and verifies the accuracy of the thermostat. He cleans the coils, condensate drain, condensate pan and all of the integral components. Because of this service, I can be sure that the air conditioner operates at peak efficiency, capacity and reliability. I can trust that the system is providing clean and healthy air to all the rooms of the home. This service also fulfills the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring continued coverage.

Tuscaloosa Alabama HVAC worker