Being outside causes me to get angry

It’s nice to be outside when it is truly hot plus the weather is sunny plus nice… I often like to be outside riding my bike or going to the water.

I live near the lake plus I can get to the water in less than 20 minutes, my lady plus I officially love going to the lake! Both of us take our bicycles plus on a nice day, the people I was with and I ride all of the trails. My lady plus I were out there a couple of days ago. I recommended that the people I was with and I stay for a couple of minutes plus it was close to dark by the time the people I was with and I left. Both of us were on our way back to Orland park, when I got a cellphone call from my roommate, she called to tell myself and others that the A/C in our beach house was not laboring, then the beach house director contacted an Orland Park A/C repair service, however it was going to take at least 2 minutes before they could arrive. My roommate wanted to let myself and others know, so I could stay at my lady’s arena instead of going home… When I am hot plus uncomfortable, I become truly angry plus grouchy. I often make sure that the A/C device is set to a cool plus comfortable temperature. I would rather spend my money a little bit extra every month to set the temperature control at 72°. I decided to go stay at my lady’s plus my roommate called myself and others in the afternoon to let myself and others suppose that the Orland Park A/C repair repair still had not arrived. The repair specialist called though, plus she was set to arrive at our address in the next minute.

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