Bethlehem is not just for x mas

A lot of people do not believe this, however Bethlehem is not just the name of a place from the Christmas story, however bethlehem is also a town in the state of PA.

Bethlehem is situated on the Eastern side of PA plus it is one of the most populated cities on that side of the state.

Bethlehem is right on the border between PA plus New Jersey, then my family has a condo in Bethlehem, plus I live in Allentown! When I had some concerns with our gas furnace, I called our sibling, then she works for a Bethlehem heating plus A/C repair service, however i hoped that our sibling would have some time to help me with the gas furnace! Unfortunately, she was working on a job in Easton plus there was no way that she was going to be able to get to our condo before the end of the day. She gave me the name of a unusual Bethlehem heating plus A/C repair repair to call. I contacted the repair repair as soon as I was done on the iPhone with our sibling, however the woman who answered the iPhone call was truly kind; She took down all of our information plus asked a couple of questions about the concerns I was having with the gas furnace. She told me to stay on the line because she was going to contact a repair worker to see if someone could come see me now. When the woman came back to the line, she had good news. She could send a gas furnace worker to help with the concern immediately.

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