Beverly Hills moment

My fiance and I decided to elope rather than system a grand wedding at home! It was just the two of us and just the way all of us wanted it.

  • I had hopes of eloping overseas and being in Europe; However, COVID put a monkey wrench in that plan.

Instead the two of us decided to stay within the United States. It was safer, easier and no threat of getting trapped. I selected California as our endpoint. In December I knew it would be warm and there were lots of things I enjoy doing. I had us renting a car and checking out all unusual cities in California, and the two of us went to San Diego, Beverly Hills, San Jose and then left San Francisco! My favorite arena was absolutely Beverly Hills. I liked how swanky everything was. It was perfect for a just married couple, however our hotel had a big suite that hooked us up with a lot of free stuff. The two of us did massage services and lounged in the pool, next all of us toured the neighborhood and went into unusual shops. I didn’t know until all of us were there that recreational weed is legal there. I am not a big fan of drinking booze. However, I entirely do like weed. My husband and I were pumped to try some legal cannabis products while on our honeymoon; Rather than get drunk, all of us decided to get high. It was way more fun and nobody had a hangover the next day. I choose edibles to get myself and others a quick, intense high; So I was a little wonky while shopping and it was enjoyable to go by lunch. I appreciated that day of my honeymoon.

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