Buffalo has been my home for seventeen years

Buffalo is the second largest city in the entire state of New York.

It is the largest city in Erie County, New York.

Buffalo is located near the end of Lake Erie. Last year, the population of Buffalo was more than 290,000 people. I have been living in Buffalo for the past 17 years. College brought me to Buffalo in the 1990s. I received my bachelor and master’s degree from the University at Buffalo. I work as an engineer for a company that comes up with new technology for HVAC products. It probably sounds like a pretty boring job to most people, but I am an inventor at heart. My grandfather worked as a coal miner and then he had a business repairing stoves and furnaces. My dad also worked for an HVAC repair business. I did not want to go into the same business, but I was very interested in coming up with new technology to change the way that people use HVAC products. During my time in Buffalo, I have spent a number of winter seasons freezing and shivering. In winter months, the temperatures are easily below zero and there is a great deal of ice and freezing rain or no. Driving to work every day can be a nightmare. I am fortunate that I can take the bus to work. The bus goes right to the building where I work on the new technology for HVAC products. Someday I will probably retire and move somewhere warmer. I would prefer the beach and somewhere with daily sunshine.


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