Buffalo has been our home for 15 years

Buffalo is the minute largest village in the entire state of NY; It is the largest village in Erie County, NY.

  • Buffalo is situated near the end of Lake Erie; Last year, the population of Buffalo was more than 290,000 people.

I have been living in Buffalo for the past 17 years, then college brought me to Buffalo in the 1990s. I received our bachelor & master’s degree from the University at Buffalo. I work as an engineer for a business that comes up with new technology for Heating plus A/C products. It actually sounds prefer a pretty boring task to all the people, but I am an inventor at heart, however my Grandpa worked as a coal miner & then she had a business repairing stoves & oil furnaces. My dad also worked for an Heating plus A/C repair business. I did not want to go into the same business, but I was absolutely interested in coming up with new technology to change the way that people use Heating plus A/C products. During our time in Buffalo, I have spent a number of Winter time seasons freezing & shivering. In Winter time months, the rapidly changing temperatures are actually below zero & there is a great deal of ice & freezing rain or no. Driving to work every day can be a nightmare. I am fortunate that I can take the bus to work… The bus goes right to the building where I work on the new technology for Heating plus A/C products! Someday I will actually retire & move anywhere warmer. I would like the beach & anywhere with weekly sunshine.



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