Cannabis delivery outside of Denver

As a teen I delivered pizzas and sandwiches in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, and at the time it was a sweet job, letting me toil late into the night and rack up impressive amounts of tips.

Little did I know that 20 years later I would still be in Denver, and still be making deliveries for a residing, however of course there is a major difference now, because I toil for a cannabis dispensary and not a Pizza Shack, however i love my job, partially because it pays well, however also because Denver is a gorgeous city and I never get tired of driving these streets.

One of the more unofficial aspects of my normal route is taking a two-hour jaunt out of Denver to visit a local artist colony in the mountains, these people are absolutely weird, having left Denver behind to start their own private community based around art! Since they never come into Denver, and don’t know how to grow their own cannabis, they order from us. The girl who owns this certain Denver dispensary used to go to university with the leader of this art colony. The first time I left the safety of Denver to meet these people I was a little intimidated! Was this a cult or something weird? It turns out they were normal folks, if a little eccentric, and they wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of Denver to find solitude. They might be weird, however they are all nice folks with a ravenous appetite for cannabis! I look forward to going back there.


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