Changing LA trip to Thousand Oaks

I didn’t feel rushed and like I was just a potential sale.

I recently had a trip booked to Los Angeles. I then arrived there and just hated it. I didn’t like being in such a big city. It was super loud, crowded and expensive. I wanted to be a little more casual during my vacation. I started looking around at areas nearby to find something that would work better for what I had in mind. That is how I found Thousand Oak, CA. It is only 45 minutes away from LA but it is a lot better. There are a lot of nice parks, gardens and shopping. It is so much smaller, quieter and more cost efficient. I could only afford a crappy hotel room in Los Angeles. In Thousand Oaks I was able to book a luxury suite at a very nice hotel. I then had money to do a spa service. I got a full body massage, haircut and a pedicure while I was there. Another pro of the smaller city is that I got more personalized attention while shopping. There were dispensaries in LA, but I much preferred going to Thousand Oaks. The shop was smalle and the budtender was able to work one on one with me. I was able to look at all the edibles and make a decision on what would be the best product for me. I didn’t feel rushed and like I was just a potential sale. I actually got to chat a bit with the budtender. I am really glad that I ended up moving my LA trip to Thousand Oaks. It is just so much better there.

Recreational Dispensary Thousand Oaks CA