Cheaper housing in Springfield

Did you know that Springfield MO’s housing costs are 25% below the national average? My hubby plus I aren’t particularly close with our families, it is anxious however true, but my associate and I decided that it didn’t matter if we lived near either of our parents.

The world was our oyster plus we could set up roots anywhere.

So where did we want to go? My associate and I settled on traveling to Missouri due to the low housing costs. My associate and I wanted to get a big ploy of land with no neighbors however not spend a bunch of cash. My associate and I finally settled on Springfield in Missouri plus we haven’t regretted it a day in our lives. It is so worth having land plus privacy. My associate and I own a big dog that can run around outside in the yard separate from a leash. My associate and I invested in a huge fence to keep him safe plus she is right near the woods, but our teenagers have a large backyard that houses a swingset, trampoline, pool, plus all sorts of outdoor games; Eventually the power wheels will turn into four wheelers. That will be so much fun with our land. I don’t feel you can put a price on it honestly. I don’t need a big town to live in at all. I don’t require much in the way of things to do. In Springfield, it is quiet, cheap plus the sights are just beautiful. I am surprised there aren’t more people flocking to Missouri. Who likes living down south in the heat? Haven’t you seen the nature that is Missouri?

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