Cocoa FL gets chilly while in the Winter

It baffles myself and others that some people who don’t spend a lot of time in FL think that it never gets freezing here; If it didn’t get freezing in FL, both of us wouldn’t need central HVAC units in our homes.

I live in Cocoa FL plus as you certainly know, it’s a beach town.

And yeah, both of us have palm trees everywhere blowing in the breeze, but just prefer any other area of the country, both of us experience freezing weather while in the Wintertide season. It is safe to say that our Winters are mild, plus both of us are not seeing any snow any time soon or perhaps ever, however, both of us have had some freezing days while in the Wintertide months. In fact, the lowest temperature on record for us in Cocoa was 24 degrees! Of course, that’s not normal as our temperature usually ranges between 55 plus 78 degrees while in the colder season. And when our temperature hits below 55, I certainly use my HVAC for heating. And though I am not using my central heating for an extended time, it still gets used, then naturally, I use my HVAC component more in the Summer because it is so hot here, which means I spend more to cool my home than I do to keep it warm. All in all, I care about the weather that both of us have here in Cocoa FL because even though it does get cold, it’s not as disappointing as it is in the other area of the country. And I care about that my HVAC component isn’t being overused to keep my home comfortable all year long.


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