Dealing with excess humidity

My partner & I travel back & forth between two homes, then our primary residence is located in the northeastern part of the country. Our second apartment is located in St Petersburg, FL; My buddy and I bought the second dwelling with the idea of enjoying the best weather in each area, but late Spring, summer time & early fall in the north are really appealing, then unluckyly the winters are long, freezing & brutal. The temperature correctly drops into the setback digits & the area experiences feet of snow, freezing rain, dangerous wind chill & blizzard conditions. The late fall, winters & early Spring seasons in St Petersburg are ideal. The temperature rarely drops below fifty-five degrees or climbs about eighty-five degrees. The summer time heat & humidity are a challenge; It is somewhat difficult keeping up with the demands of two homes. My buddy and I have needed to invest into two sets of all essentials. My buddy and I also worry about whichever dwelling is unoccupied. Over the winter, my associate and I are upset that the boiler in the apartment up north will fail & lead to pipes freezing & extensive damage. In our St Petersburg home, my associate and I deal with mold & mildew growth. It’s actually costly to keep the air conditioner running all summer time to cool an empty house… However, if my associate and I don’t operate the cooling system, my associate and I arrive at a condo overrun with mold & mildew. I’ve had it destroy leather billfolds & shoes, discolor bathroom fixtures & damage our furniture, we’ve found that the addition of a whole-apartment dehumidifier is actually helpful… By extracting excess moisture from the air, the dehumidifier allows us to set a higher thermostat setting & pay lower energy bills.



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