Do you know why we call this place Waldorf?

Do you know how the township of Waldorf first got its name? Sure, it may be common knowledge here, but outside of the city limits few people have ever heard of this area. I mean to change all that. For years I have been collecting cool pieces of trivia and history about Waldorf and the surrounding area. Right now I am too busy with my HVAC work to sit down and write, but one day that is my dream. I want to become an author, and write a novel of historical romance fiction set here in Waldorf, drawing upon its actual history. The most interesting thing to me is that technically Waldorf is not a town, and never has been. Waldorf started as a collection of houses, mostly by working-class folks, who needed to commute to DC. From there it expanded very quickly, growing by 15 times its original size within 20 years, which is simply phenomenal. To this day Waldorf is not officially a town, even though it is the 4th largest popular center in the state! Long before there was a large population here, the area was settled in the mid to late 1600s. Believe it or not, the original named for Waldorf was “beantown” but was later changed to honor William Waldorf Astor. Like I said, one day I hope to collect all of this fascinating information into a book, but the HVAC biz is just too hectic these days. It’s about all I can do to keep up with the new HVAC construction projects in Waldorf.