Dual fuel system handles local weather

The furnace then takes over, handling demands for as long as necessary

South Bend, Indiana, is well-known for the severity of the climate. The temperature fluctuates from the mid eighties to the teens or even sub zero reading. It’s necessary to rely on either the heating or cooling system just about year round. The cost of keeping a comfortable home adds up quickly. When it was time to replace the furnace and air conditioner in my home, I decided to invest into a dual fuel system. Instead of an air conditioner, the system utilizes an electric heat pump for cooling purposes. While a heat pump is quite a bit more expensive to purchase and install than an air conditioner, it pays for itself in energy savings. The advantage of a heat pump is the unit’s ability to provide both heating and cooling. In cooling mode, the heat pump operates just like a conventional air conditioner. It pulls heat out of the home and transfers it by way of refrigerant outdoors. When the outdoor conditions cool off, the heat pump reverses the flow of refrigerant. It finds ambient heat in the outdoor air and delivers it indoors. Because the heat pump doesn’t burn fossil fuels to create heat, it is especially safe, environmentally responsible and clean. It costs a lot less to run than the furnace. We run the heat pump for the majority of the year. It supplies perfect comfort until the temperature drops below freezing. The furnace then takes over, handling demands for as long as necessary. I am completely satisfied with the performance of the dual fuel system. No matter what the weather brings, our living space is comfortable.

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