Electric heat pump is perfect solution

I easily cherish the year round weather in Tampa, FL, however from May through September, the conditions are warm and humid, with temperatures climbing into the nineties.

From October until sometime in March, the weather is milder and a bit cooler, but the temperature seldom drops below fifty degrees; Having grown up in the northern part of the country, I appreciate sunny afternoons and balmy days… I am delighted to never need to shovel snow, scrape ice or bundle up in layers of sweaters.

Instead of a important boiler and no need for air conditioning at all, my home in Tampa is outfitted with an electric heat pump. This all-in-one temperature control opportunity is the ideal solution for a humid, subtropical temperature. I like that the heat pump is environmentally responsible and keeps my utility costs reasonable! Rather than burn fossil fuels to create heat, the heat pump works by moving existing heat between the indoors and outdoors! During the warmer season, it operates exactly like a central air conditioning. It uses refrigerant to transfer heat outside and create a cooling effect. The heat pump is especially beneficial for handling excess humidity, then when the weather cools off, the system reverses the flow of refrigerant. It takes luck of ambient heat available in the outdoor air, compresses it to a higher temperature and pumps it indoors. Having a single system managing year round comfort reduces repair needs and saves on space, then because I invested into an Energy Star rated heat pump featuring adaptable-speed technology, operation is attractively energy efficient and affordable.


Tampa Florida Air conditioning technician