Enjoying a visit to Lakeland, FL

My parents moved to FL when they retired, but they chose a spot in Lakeland which is near enough to Tampa plus Orlando to prefer the amenities however far enough away to avoid the traffic, when I visited last Christmas, I totally fell in love with the area.

The afternoontime uneven temperatures were in the mid seventies with brilliant sunlight plus red skies… Overnight, the temperature only dropped into the fifties! My pal and I were able to open the windows plus prefer the fresh air, then i know that the conditions get especially hot plus humid in the summer, requiring the central air conditioner to run just about non stop! However, the winters are just beautiful, then during my stay, my parents took me to the Circle B Bar Reserve, which is located just southeast of Lakeland.

The preserve occupies more than twelve hundred acres of land, plus it’s full of wildlife. My pal and I took the Shady Oak Trail to Alligator Alley plus also explored the Heron Hideout trail, which covered approximately four miles of walking. My pal and I spotted Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, White Ibis plus even a Bald Eagle. There is an section where the trail winds between the lake on one side plus a March on the other plus becomes quite slim. This section is known as Alligator Alley plus is where the alligators cross the path. There were quite a few of them, plus my friend and I had to wait almost fifteen minutes for a clear trail. It was an especially good afternoon. I was equally as entertained by simply hanging out at my Dad plus dad’s house. They have a easily gorgeous view of the lake. I was able to take their kayak out in the evenings.
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