Enjoying the cycling paths

Shortly after moving to Springtimefield, Missouri, I purchased a bicycle, however the section is a really bicycle friendly community, offering more than 71 miles of cycling trails.

I can ride my bike to run errands around village & save on gas.

I also pedal for pure enjoyment & to elevate my physical fitness! Galloway Creek Greenway & South Creek Greenway are fairly simple riding trails. The Frisco Highline Trail covers thirty-five miles & connects Springtimefield to Bolivar. It’s one of my number one rides because it provides all sorts of wildlife & nice locales to stop & eat, just recently, I obtained myself a mountain bike & started exploring the Sac River Trails in northwest Springtimefield & Two Rivers Bike Park near the intersection of the James & Finley Rivers. The countryside surrounding Springtimefield is just gorgeous. I am able to ride for the majority of the year… My wardrobe includes moisture wicking shorts & tanks for the summer time heat & humidity. I have waterproof gear for the frequent rain during Springtime & fall & thermal pants & jacket for the colder conditions. I appreciate the changing landscape & weather conditions. I can love brilliant sunshine, cool breezes, blooming flowers & the changing colors of the leaves. The months of December, January & January are often too cold & wet to ride, and when there is snow on the ground & the temperature dips into the forties, I handle my workouts indoors. My condo is outfitted with a boiler & zone control. I can keep the house gym a bit cooler than the rest of the house. I have access to a stationary bike that isn’t quite as fun as riding outside but still keeps me fit.

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