Enjoying the nature side of Nevada

It made the experience very mellow and fun

A lot of people assume that going to Vegas means that you are doing a big party trip. For me, I like visiting new states and getting unique experiences. When I chose Las Vegas, NV it wasn’t for the casinos, shows and the nightlife. Las Vegas is actually near some beautiful things in nature. I wanted to explore Black Canyon in particular. I found a kayaking tour that had me paddling around in the water and looking at all the orange rock. I saw sheep, birds and also there was an Emerald Cave there. The pictures I took were just gorgeous. Everyone assumed I had been somewhere exotic rather than just taking a trip to Nevada. I did a lot of hiking, swimming and driving to different trails on my trip. It was very active. I did stay in the city since it is centrally located to a lot of the best trails. I was able to book a suite hotel that was near all the good food and shops as well. One thing I really enjoyed was that there is legal weed. I was able to pick up some recreational cannabis for a low cost. It was nice not having to mess around with a medical cannabis card for once. Some of the hikes too were great smoking a pre-roll or vaping off a pen. It made the experience very mellow and fun. Nature and cannabis just go hand in hand though. I did a whole trip to Las Vegas and didn’t even step foot in a casino.

Medical Cannabis Las Vegas NV