Escapology was first on our list.

I had been wanting to try an escape room ever since I saw one in a film numerous years ago! It looked like a lot of fun, although I suppose that depends on if you’re the one solving the clues… Some of those clues are so wacky, it would take a genius to solve them, plus I am not a genius, and when mom plus Mom brought me to see my older brother who had gotten married a year ago, I was excited.

  • I had been reading about Orland Park, IL ever since my brother moved there.

I was hoping he would take me to Escapology while I was there! He told me he had been to an escape room, although I was too young to take along, and maybe, now that I’m fourteen, he would be willing to take me to Escapology. Mom plus Mom gave to take me while in Orland Park, although I wanted to go with my brother. He did agree to take me to Escapology, but it was snowing plus only eight degrees the night my buddy and I were to go. He was okay with driving in the snow, but his husbandy wasn’t! First he sad the heat in the automobile would go out, however then, he sad that if the automobile were to split down, he would freeze to death. She told him to wait until it was daylight plus warmer. I thought he was wacky, but thankfully he was his husbandy, plus they didn’t live with us, just staying in their home over Christmas was enough to make me say I didn’t like her.

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