Everybody in San Francisco smokes pot

My friends and I often go to San Francisco to spend the day! There are lots of things I like to do doing in the bay area. There are some things that are free and these are usually the activities that are attractive to our friends and I… One of the best things I like to do doing is to take a free walking tour. There are free walking tours all over the town of San Francisco and you can use your phone to get a guided tour. There are also a couple of museums that offer common supplier minutes and free entry. Another fun thing to do is go to Pier 39 to see the sea lions. The sea lions are always hanging out by the pier and you can see 50 or 60 at a time. A lot of people rest on the pier and smoke marijuana, marijuana is 100% legal in the state of CA and most of the security officers and police officers do not care if you are smoking weed as long as you are being discreet, but everyone in San Francisco smokes marijuana outside. There were people on the pier that day that were smoking weed and I ended up being the person to get stopped by a cop. The guy gave myself and others a ticket because he said that he could clearly see myself and others smoking a joint; It was the first time that I ever got a ticket for smoking marijuana in San Francisco. I was pretty bummed out that our fines ended up costing more than all of our entertainment for the day! Next time I go to the city, I will take a vape pen instead of joints.

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