Falls Park is beautiful.

It was a hot and crazy day last week.

My twins were miserable because I wouldn’t let them outside.

They wanted to play on the swings, but they were metal and I didn’t want their legs to get burnt. It was near ninety degrees, and I worried about them. All I wanted to do was stay inside and listen to the air conditioning. I was looking on the internet, and that’s when I remembered Falls Park. When I was a little girl, my mom and dad would take me there. I told my boys to grab their hats and sunglasses and I would take them to some wonderful place. They could climb on rocks and we could walk the trails. There were waterfalls through the park where the river flows over many levels of Sioux quartzite. The boys weren’t so sure about the trip until we got to Falls Park. The boys were playing in the river and I was okay with them getting wet. We had lunch at one of the picnic tables, and the boys caught a frog, which I made them put back. Three hours later, they were exhausted, and it was all they could do to stay awake. We headed to the gift shop where they were both able to pick something out. They both chose t-shirts that showed Falls Park. I believe Falls Park is one of the nicest places to go when you’re in Sioux Falls, SD. My boys want to go back to Sioux Fall, SD next week and see Falls Park again. They read it directly from the shirt and didn’t think about how they already live here.


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