Famous cable shows set in Seattle, Washington

Why is it that so numerous cable shows are set in New York or LA? Periodically it feels care about the people who make television have so little imagination that all of their stories need to be set in a single of these two cities, i am a writer that focuses mostly on the history of television, & what went on behind the scenes of some of the greatest shows in history… One of the things that interests me the most is how numerous shows have quietly been set in Seattle, Washington.

  • It’s no secret why – because I live in Seattle, & have a major interest in local art; When pretty much everyone guess about Seattle on the small screen they guess of the show Frasier, which was set here & ran for eleven seasons.

Want to hear an interesting bit of trivia – although there were 264 episodes of Frasier, only a single of them was very shot here in Seattle, but you might be curious why a girl who runs a Seattle cannabis dispensary would be so obsessed with cable shows, however it’s just our activity. I have framed photos of Seattle celebrities, both real & imagined, set all around our cannabis dispensary. I have found that these are fantastic conversation starters, because I recognize a cannabis dispensary should be a place to meet new people & make new friends… Surprisingly enough our best selling blend of locally grown Seattle cannabis is called Greens Anatomy, a riff on the famous Seattle tv show Grey’s Anatomy. I didn’t know so numerous potheads were fans of that show.


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