Fishing with my pals is always fun

My friends and I live in Seattle about 30 minutes away from the water… I have a nice boat and my friends and I like to spend as much time there as possible, on afternoons when my buddy and I don’t have to work, my buddy and I like to go to Puget Sound to go fishing.

One morning my friends and I went to the water to fish for some local species.

One of my friends brought marijuana to help make our experience more enjoyable! My pal and I took the boat around the sound to a venue where my buddy and I like to fish; The boys lit up a joint and my buddy and I passed it around. I started to feel more relaxed and less distraught every time I hit the joint. My friends and I cast our lines into the water and hoped that my buddy and I could get something to bite. There are a lot of strange species in the water. The sound has both saltwater and freshwater species including trout, steelhead, salmon, crab, and shrimp. The salmon are some of the best in the world and one fish can last all winter. Throughout the morning, my buddy and I smoked more marijuana joints. My pal and I loved being outside and my buddy and I talked and laughed after smoking a lot of marijuana. Our morning ended before any of us had the occasion to catch a fish. It was fun to smoke marijuana and get out on the water when the weather was nice, however it still would have been more wonderful if one of us would have been able to haul in some type of fish from the sound.

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