Forget snow, when in Denver I’m all about the cannabis dispensaries

Back in the mornings of my youth I enjoyed to ski! I was a demon on fresh powder, chopping up the slopes all around the city, and one of the great things about going to see Denver is that there are 50 unusual locales within driving distance that offer great skiing, however as I got older my tastes changed, plus I spent less plus less time out on the slopes.

  • I still prefer to ski, especially when I am with my teenagers, however if I am enjoying some “Me Time” I would much prefer to hang out in the smokers lounge of a Denver cannabis dispensary.

Imagine my delight when I discovered a new cannabis dispensary on a mountain overlooking the gorgeous neighborhood of Denver… This was the best of both worlds, because I got to appreciate the crisp Colorado air plus the amazing snowy slopes, with a cannabis joint in my hand the whole time. I never entirely went skiing, I just enjoyed the setting plus the view of Denver with a head full of cannabis smoke. In the future, I might not even bring my skis! There is a lot more to Denver than the weed, of course, but I have found that everything is a little better with cannabis in my system. The live songs scene in Denver is surprisingly robust, plus there are a hundred great locales to eat, but as I said, the food in Denver tasted better after I’ve smoked some local cannabis, plus the songs sounds a lot more soothing, and even if you don’t smoke cannabis, I highly propose a trip to Denver.

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