Grandparents loved the Grand Victoria Casino

My grandparents recently came to visit me in my hometown of Elgin, Illinois.

I wasn’t really sure what to do with them.

They don’t really like history so museums were out. They aren’t outdoors people so parks and hikes were out. I thought restaurants and shopping would only get us so far. I then heard through my father that my grandparents really like casinos. In Elgin we have a casino that is awesome. The Grand Victoria Casino is a riverboat casino. You are on the water and can gamble. It is actually a really neat experience. You can also stay inside and play poker, blackjack, do the slot machines, craps, whatever you want. My grandparents were in their glory when I took them to the Grand Victoria Casino. They loved being on the water even though they stayed in the indoors portion. They came in the summer season so it was pretty hot. They enjoyed the great act and being able to gamble. I know my grandfather liked that he could smoke a cigar inside. A casino really isn’t something that I particularly enjoy but it was awesome seeing them happy. I didn’t mind playing a few rounds of poker, having a beer, and smoking a cigar. It was fun that they had something memorable from their trip to Elgin. I am really thankful that my area caters to all different personality types and offers a lot to do. My grandparents had such a good time they are talking about visiting me again in Illinois.

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