Growing weed in rural IL

My folks both came from the outer reaches of IL, then my dad lived in a small town, with a population of a few hundred people, and my Dad lived on a farm with her parents and 8 siblings, however not several people got away from the remote area of the country, but my folks did! They both went to school together, started careers, and didn’t look back for several years! Then I came along, their first born child, and they decided I needed to see my roots in the outlying country of rural IL, but for several years I would spend my summer time trips in IL, which was a bummer because I missed my friends at home, and I was constantly bored on the farm.

That all changed when I was a teenager, because I found a ready supply of cannabis out in the IL cornfields. The farm had many hundred acres of corn, which made it honestly easy for my cousins to plant small crops of cannabis. That was a long time ago, but some things never change, because my cousins are still actively growing cannabis in IL, only now they do it legally. They are suppliers for 1 of the greatest cannabis dispensaries in the southern area of IL, and developing a sterling reputation for their products. My parents used to force myself and others to visit IL, but now I enjoy going there any time I get the chance. The next time you hear someone talk about how wonderful cannabis in IL is, guess that my family had something to do with it.

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