Handling the ac of two homes

When my husband and I reached retirement age, my friend and I decided to buy a second household in St; Petersburg, FL, and the area is just beautiful, and the climate is amazing… Having two properties allows us to enjoy the best weather in each location; My buddy and I live in our original household in the northeast from early May until the end of October.

My buddy and I are relieved to avoid the intense heat and humidity of St.

Petersburg. My buddy and I spend the months from October thru May down south and are cheerful to escape the below-zero hot and cold temperatures, brutal wind chill and feet of snow up north. However, having two houses to take care of creates some expenses and challenges. My buddy and I needed to invest into a second set of small appliances, tools and accessories. My buddy and I now own two sodmowers, shovels, wheelbarrows, cooking utensils, linens and essential household items. There are concerns whenever one of the properties is empty. My buddy and I distraught about the furnace failing and pipes freezing over the winter. My buddy and I had concerns with mold and mildew growth in our St. Petersburg home, but just recently, my friend and I updated to a smart thermostat for each location. This has been a immense improvement. My buddy and I can now make adjustments to temperature from wherever my friend and I happen to be via our smartphones, however along with conserving energy and catering to comfort, my friend and I acquire maintenance reminders, power outage notifications and alerts if there is a abrupt temperature swing. My buddy and I can really make sure that the household is at an ideal temperature for our arrival. Plus, the smart thermostat offers energy saving tips and controls the humidifier up north and the dehumidifier down south.

Zone controlled HVAC in St. Petersburg Florida