Happy for recreational cannabis in Michigan

I live in Muskegon, Michigan, and waited a long time for legalization of recreational cannabis.

In 2018, my home state became the first in the midwest to allow both adult-use and medical marijuana use.

It took a while for the dispensaries to get their licenses in order, meet the strenuous requirements and open their doors. Now, anyone over the age of 21 can shop for cannabis. It’s necessary to show valid government-issued identification. I can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of smokable flower in a single transaction. There is no per-day cannabis purchase limit for recreational weed. For every purchase there is the added fees of 10% excise tax and 6% sales tax. This adds considerably to the cost. Buying weed isn’t cheap. Because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, most banks and credit card companies are unwilling to partner with dispensaries for electronic money transfers. The dispensary has somewhat solved this problem by having ATMs on-site. It is illegal at the state level to consume cannabis in a public area. Consumption needs to take place in private. I am simply delighted to have access to safe cannabis products. The dispensary in Muskegon is a truly beautiful and modern facility. It’s bright, clean and welcoming. I feel comfortable browsing and consulting with the budtenders. I have a wide range of choices for consumption methods, producers, strains and potency. There are dozens of options of smokable flower as well as singles and packs of infused and non-infused pre-rolls. The menu of edibles includes all sorts of flavors of gummies, cookies, brownies, candies and chocolates. They even sell cannabis-infused vapes. I could never manage to try everything because the inventory is always updating.



Dispensary Muskegon MI