Harsh weather conditions in Lee's Summit

In Lee’s Summit, Missouri, the summers are warm and humid while the winters are freezing cold and snowy.

It’s partly cloudy all year round and the temperature varies from the negative digits up into the nineties. It rains nearly every single month. The only time the rain stops is when it turns to snow. We typically accumulate over three feet of snow per year. Because of the weather conditions, living in Lee’s Summit is a challenge. It’s necessary to have both heating and cooling installed into the home, and the cost of temperature control adds up to about 50% of the annual energy costs. A little over three years ago, I invested into a whole new furnace and central air conditioner for my home. My goal was to improve comfort while trimming expenses. I hoped that the energy savings would recover the startup costs. However, that first winter was one of the coldest on record in Lee’s Summit. We saw temperatures down to twenty-six below zero and it seemed to snow every single day from November to April. My husband and I were constantly outside shoveling, snow blowing and plowing. We ran out of places to pile the snow. I was not satisfied with the comfort of my home. Certain rooms were drafty and chilly. The brand new furnace seemed to run non stop. I finally called the HVAC contractor to complain. He inspected and tested the system and discovered holes in the ductwork. The ductwork should have been checked when the system was originally installed. Once the duct sealing process was completed, I was amazed at the improvement in the performance of the new furnace.

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