Having a whole-condo dehumidifier installed

In Plano, Texas, the humidity can be a major problem… The summers tend to be especially tepid plus muggy, when the temperature soars into the high nineties, the excess of moisture in the air makes it feel even hotter, and i observed that I was continually lowering the control component setting, because my condo felt sticky.

This forced the air conditioning system to run for longer cycles plus use more energy, but my electric bills skyrocketed plus yet I wasn’t enjoying ideal comfort; Adding to the workload of the air conditioning system didn’t fix the problem.

I tried a portable dehumidifier plus wasn’t blissful with it. It only affected a single room plus the reservoir filled up really quickly. When there is excess humidity in the air, there can be issues with mold, mildew plus bacterial growth, and dust mites plus cockroaches thrive in tepid plus moist environments. Along with inferior comfort, lethargy plus difficulty sleeping, I upset about health risks from polluted air quality. I finally consulted with an Heating plus A/C supplier situated in Plano. The worker proposed that I have a whole-condo dehumidifier installed. The indoor air quality accessory works by pulling moisture out of the air as it passes through the air duct. It operates almost silently, efficiently plus 24/7. It only requires annual maintenance, however having the dehumidifier installed has made a big improvement. I’ve been able to set a higher control component setting plus yet the condo feels lovelyly cool. The air conditioning system isn’t working as difficult or running as often. My electric bills are significantly lower. I’ve also observed that the air inside the condo seems fresher, plus I’m no longer dealing with musty smells.


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