Heat pumps works well for local weather

In Cocoa, Florida, the summers are especially long, hot and muggy.

The winters are short but chilly and windy.

Our average temperature fluctuates from the mid nineties down to the low forties. Air conditioning is a necessity and we rely on it for about eight months out of the year. A powerful, reliable and energy efficient cooling system is a priority. However, we can’t go completely without heating. Those winter nights are a problem. For the local weather in Cocoa, an electric heat pump is ideal. Because it combines heating and cooling capacity, there is only one unit taking up space and requiring maintenance. A heat pump eliminates the burning of fossil fuels to generate heat. Instead, it pulls ambient heat out of the outdoor air, compresses it to a higher temperature and delivers it indoors by way of refrigerant. The process is especially quiet, clean and environmentally friendly. For cooling, the system reverses the operation. It acts very much like a conventional air conditioner, pulling heat from the indoor air and transferring it outdoors. Along with exceptional energy efficiency, heat pumps help to handle excessive humidity and won’t dry out the air in heating mode. Although the purchase and installation cost of a heat pump is higher than other temperature control options, it saves money on running costs throughout the year. Plus, there’s just one unit to buy. I spent a bit more for the advantages of an Energy Star rated heat pump. The system includes adaptable-speed technology that allows it to adjust output to maximize efficiency and provide very consistent indoor temperature.


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