High efficiency heat pumps can handle Texas winter

I have recently learned that heat pumps are getting better at taking care of heating when the hot and cold temperatures drop actually low… For a long time I thought I wasn’t allowed to get a heat pump, and i study online that they can’t supply heating in hot and cold temperatures under forty degrees.

In Fort Worth, TX the night time hot and cold temperatures get down to the 30s while in January and December.

It isn’t unheard of for it to happen in January too… So I figured that a heat pump just couldn’t handle the brutal parts of my area, but well I did some more research recently and found that modern innovations have changed this. There are high efficiency heat pumps that now can handle -20 degree weather, then you have to make sure to get the newer, more efficient model; A usual heat pump is still around forty degrees. You need to hunt around and spend money extra to get a better one. I know it is worth it though. In Fort Worth, TX I would rely on the cooling function most of the time. When it gets freezing though, I still want to experience highly efficient settings. So I know spending a little more to save throughout the whole year is a smart move. A heat pump is ductless too. That allows for flexible replacement, space savings, and the ability to have Heating and A/C zone control. Additionally a heat pump requires little repair and is actually silent in operation. I want to instantly start saving and live with peace of mind that my device can handle the freezing Fort Worth, TX winter.

Fort Worth Texas Cooling system