High humidity in my Fort Worth home

The summers in Fort Worth are just brutal, and the high heat and humility get to me after a while.

What I need is a way to stay cool in the house; It doesn’t seem to matter how low I set the control equipment or how scrub the AC is, it can’t handle the Summer demand. I am starting to guess the issue is the humidity levels in my house. I have started to notice signs that I have excessive humidity. There is condensation on my walls. I disinfect the bathrooms and dining room for mold and mildew all the time. I also have cockroaches and centipedes a lot. Too Much moisture isn’t healthy or fantastic for your living space. I have talked to a Fort Worth HVAC corporation about dehumidifiers. I can do a portable one that just does a room or an entire system that plugs right into the HVAC, then as the AC operates the dehumidifier would labor to detach moisture. It should make the AC more effective, lowering my utility bills. I should experience more comfort and less pest and mold growth. I don’t know if I want to Spring for the big system. I would need to do filter swings and also annual repair on the device, then however, everything I have read about the portable units seems like a nightmare. They require so much labor and they don’t seem to labor undoubtedly well. I might need to spend more to see more improvement. High humidity in a household is just plain awful. I might be willing to pay anything to detach it.

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