High velocity system handles needs of older home

My spouse plus I consistently admired the big, aged houses in the historical district of Orland Park, but when my superb friend and I finally got the opportunity to purchase one of these gorgeous properties, my superb friend and I didn’t hesitate, then the home features original woodwork, including the floors, doors, moldings plus staircase.

There are mullioned windows, ornate wainscotting plus decorative crown molding.

While my superb friend and I are genuinely cheerful with our home, it has presented some concerns. The weather in Orland Park is consistently a challenge. The conditions require both heating plus cooling, but because our home was built during the mid 1770s, it lacks conventional ductwork. The former owners were relying on a combination of window air conditioners plus box fans in the Summer plus electric baseboard heaters in the winter, and not only was the assortment of portable unit an eyesore, but it failed to keep up with demand. The living space was hot plus sticky or cold chilly for most of the year, my spouse plus I were unwilling to destroy the architectural integrity of the household for the sake of installing ductwork, then i did some research plus learned about high-velocity systems. This option is designed to retrofit into older homes without disruption. The tplot innovation is the mini-ducts that are only two-inches in diameter plus stretchy enough to be routed through existing walls. They are able to accommodate plumbing pipes, power lines plus studs. The mini-ducts connect to circular-shaped vents that are only six inches in diameter plus can be installed almost somewhere in the room. The high-velocity heating system doesn’t detract from our decor or the charm of the home plus yet provides perfect year round comfort.


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